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Jenny Mons


Wholistic Living

Intuitive Health & Wellness Coach

Transformation Meditation Coach

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Transformation is about YOU fully stepping into who you were born to be, who you already are, and living in your highest self expression.

The foundation in my approach to intuitive coaching include the  pathways to healing through a wholistic approach of emotional well being and nourishing the physical body.  I am an intuitive empath,  writer, speaker, transformation meditation coach, yoga teacher, and holistic health coach who helps individuals transform the overwhelm, low energy, and self doubt into a balanced approach of living with more energy, optimal health, self confidence and an embodied healing self and soul signature.

Our Vision

To support and inspire a Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle Community to live in balanced health and transform lives.

Our Mission

To inspire wholistic wellness and transform lives.

Our Core Values


My wholistic approach to health coaching embodies emotional well being, optimal health, and alignment to our highest self expression.  Transformational Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle Coaching  creates a supportive  and fun environment that will enable you to achieve both  your health and personal life goals.

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and envision your ideal life. How would it feel to live a balanced and vibrant life as your embodied healthy self? This healing self  shows up when we feel balanced because we live in alignment with healthy relationships to what we value most which creates healthy habits.  What if a  “transformation” is simply You fully stepping into your potential without the fears, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks or negative self talk.  I personally invite you to Transform the  overwhelm, confusion and frustration, and the beliefs surrounding your health and well being that don’t serve you into empowering beliefs and action steps.  

A healthy lifestyle and sense of wellbeing embody nourishment of mind, body, and spirit.  This act of self care, awareness,  and acceptance allows us to connect with our authentic wholistic healing or healthy self.  

I  blend my training and knowledge in mindfulness,  yoga, detoxification, healthy eating, essential oils, herbs, meditation, life coaching, and holistic wellness to create a a fun and balanced transformation experience unique for you! Together we will make changes that enable you to reach your current and future healthy lifestyle goals through Group or Private Coaching Packages. We also offer many group guided programs for healthy lifestyle habits with optional 1:1 coaching throughout the year. Check out our Products and Programs   to join a group challenge and see what we are about. 

Take the first step and Book a 30 minute Complimentary Clarity call and create a transformation roadmap. Discover what  you are ready for,blocks that may be holding you back, and action steps to live a purposeful healthy lifestyle. We can also answer questions you have about our transformational coaching programs! 


With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!



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Throughout my journey in this lifetime, I have had many identities including Professional Mechanical Engineer, Merchant Marine Officer, Naval Officer, Collegiate Athlete, Swim Coach, Windsurfing Instructor, Fitness instructor, Daughter, Sister, and most importantly Mom and Wife. All of those things are just things I DO, but they are not who I AM.  Many of us have asked the question “Who am I and what am I here on Earth to do?” Read More