Understand Your Cravings (Why I ate jelly beans)

Understand Your Cravings (Why I ate jelly beans)

Understand your Cravings!!

I ate jelly beans and I don’t even like them. 

Here is why.

It’s true. I ate Easter jelly beans yesterday.  Of course they were organic, dye-free, and all that jazz but sugar is sugar.  The best part is that my kids called me out on it.  I love those moments when I realize that my kids listen more then I think they do. Here is why I ate jelly beans.



We just came home from a week in the Florida Keys and I am getting better all the time, but I still feel overwhelmed that first day back from vacation. Laundry piles, food shopping, back to school and all those other adult-ing things that I just don’t really enjoy. Adult things are not always my favs.  The truth is, I could stay on a boat, playing in the water  most days of my life, but I also love the routine at home and my job :).  We had some challenges on our trip and my girls and I decided to discuss how we felt about certain things on the trip. My oldest daughter brought along a friend this time, which was challenging in some ways because it was different.  The discussion between my two daughters made me feel some resistance in my body as they shared how their feelings were hurt.  As I observed them sharing their feelings, I was feeling uncomfortable.   I found myself unconsciously reaching for a small bag of sour jelly beans that I have around for upcoming Easter. I started to eat them.  My oldest daughter looked at me and said “Mom what are you doing?”, and we all laughed because I said “I feel stressed right now and I wanted some jelly beans”.  I love that she called me out of this.  I have been eating consciously for most of my life and very mindfully for the last 8 years and I still have my moments.  I am human and it’s ok.  The pack of jellybeans probably had about 10 in them, but I really don’t eat a lot of sugar so it was enough to make me feel irritable.  My oldest then said, you should probably drink a green juice and she was right, so I did to balance out the sugar. It works every time.  Here is what I learned about myself.


Why did I reach for the jelly beans? (If I don’t even like them)

  • I felt uncomfortable and wanted comfort.
  • I wanted to feel like I was treating myself.
  • I felt overwhelmed and felt like throwing my hands up in the air like “Who cares whatever!” 

and at the deepest level, I was having a challenging moment parenting and raising healthy kids is one of the ways I know I have been an amazing parent. It literally changed out lives, and I am so grateful. So reaching for something “unhealthy” was almost like questioning how good of a parent am I? Crazy right? We all have these moments. What are yours? 

How do you deal with stress and overwhelm?

Does it ever show up with cravings? Addictions? or unhealthy habits?  

For most of us at some point in time it does, maybe its wine, sugar, french fries or something else.  I don’t do this often. I am at a point in my life where I just don’t enjoy processedsugar. I spent enough years with poor sleep, body aches, bad skin, mood swings and a compromised immune system to know that I don’t want to go back to that.  l like a little chocolate here and there but it has to be high quality. 

This is why creating healthy relationships to the different parts of a healthy self are vital to creating healthy habits.  A drug addict or alcoholic has an unhealthy relationship with their addiction.  

Awareness of the unhealthy habit is the first step and then owning it.

We cannot change what we do not know or recognize. 


Next time you have an unhealthy habit or craving, ask yourself …What are you really craving?

Are you craving something emotionally? Theses are all topics we discuss in both our 28 Day Healthy Whole You Program, and our Group Coaching Circle because it is a real thing!  We get down to the real stuff to create change. Can you relate to reaching for sugar or some other food to comfort yourself? We all experience a feeling of lack or craving something in our life and sometimes it results in unhealthy eating habits. 

Next time you find yourself craving something.  Take a moment to close your eyes and ask yourself are you? 

  • bored
  • lonely
  • stressed
  • sad
  • overwhelemd

Are you craving Sugar? Here are the most common reasons people crave sugar. Most often when we crave sugar, if it is not emotoinal, it is because we crave energy. 

  • You experience the sugar ups and downs with yo-yo dieting 
  • Sugar craves sugar, reduce simple carbs (white stuff), it makes you more hungry
  • You need more protein 
  • You need more nutrient dense foods to keep you satisfied

I would love to hear your thoughts!  And if you are looking to really make change but you need clarity, I invite you to join this Thursday’s Transformation Workshop.  I am so certain you will walk away with a new profound beliefs that I will offer you your money back if you are not happy! 100% guarantee.

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